Box Sling – Global Worming


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Did you know that earthworms are barometers of soil health and toxicity? These little creatures break down the essential nutrients in the soil and make it fertile enough. Kinda like giving worm hugs to the planet when needed 😉 They’re very sensitive to soil pollutants such as pesticide residues. Earthworms are also badly affected by changes in the planet caused by deforestation, global warming and climate crisis. We can definitely help them by being conscious because the earth needs more worm hugs really!

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Outer fabric: Organic Cotton
Inner Lining: Recycled PET bottles
Handles: Adjustable tape handles

Dimension (in Inches): 8.5 X 5.5 X 2.5

Closure: Zipper

Perfect for Work, travel, dayout, easy to carry


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