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Hand Bags – Your Fashion Statement

Handbags are the style statement for all kinds of women. Women of any age live to carry stylish and branded handbags with their fashionable dress. This fashion accessory is not only used for completing the look, but also important as you can carry your valuables and daily need items in the bag.

An investment in designer handbags is necessary. Since there are so many styles of bags available online. You can choose the bag according to your need and style. The choice you make about the handbag will tell people about your personality and style choices.

Here are some classic yet evergreen options of women handbags available at Caelum- Fashion Store.

Satchel Bags

Satchel Bags are the form of designer women handbags designed with short handheld handles and a flat bottom. Most of the bag designers have their signature collection made in the Satchel Bags style. These bags are a versatile collection for girls and women of all ages. Whether you are working women or college goers, satchel bags are a great option for keeping your valuables and showing off your looks.

Sling Bag

Sling bags are women’s best friend when you want to make a stylish appearance. Sling bags are versatile options for any parties and travel. These bags are designed with long and stylish straps. Whether you use them as a backpack or crossbody, sling bags are very comfortable. The best part about owning sling bags is that you can pair them with any kind of clothing.

Structured bags

Structured bags are celebrities' fav for generations. Many designers have made their signature collection around structured bags for ladies. These bags have a top handle and most of the look is based on satchel bags. However, they are larger and made of premium leather. Many sizes and shades are designed with structured bags. Branded structured bags are available online.

Clutches and Wallets

Clutches and wallets are an essential and integral part of daily dressing. They are a small and compact way to complete your look. They can be styles individually or with the handbags of your choice.

Caelum is the premium handbag brand in India. They have a vast collection of designer women hand bags in all styles. You can purchase handbags online for yourself or to gift to someone.