TOTE BAGS: fit your life in a bag

Tote bags are the quintessential go-to bag for women on the move. Its like carrying your world with you. Tote Bags are good enough to carry your make up, wallets, books, laptops. You can fit so many things inside. But can you find a perfect tote bag for you? Well, at least now you can. Caelum has curated list of tote bags which can carry all you stuff in style.

But before we jump into exploring the bags lets first understand a few things about Tote Bags.

What are Tote Bags?

Tote Bags are one of the most versatile accessories for women. A tote bag is generally a large sized bag with too handles. Tote bags generally open from top but they are a few variations with button and zip closure that have evolved over time.

Tote Bags are made up of different materials. The most popular ones are Canvas Tote Bags, Leather Tote Bags, Vegan Leather Tote Bags etc.

What is a Tote Bag used for?

Traditionally Tote Bags were primarily used for shopping. That justifies the big size that is good enough to carry all the shopping back to home. Along with the size, Tote Bags for women also need to be durable to carry so many things without giving up. Over time, Tote Bag has become a go-to accessory for women because it allows them to carry all that they need without worrying about space.

We have a variety of Tote Bags on our website that women can buy online. Some of the best collection of Tote Bags are below:

Colossal Tote from The Gusto

Colossal Totes from The Gusto are large sized handcrafted Tote Bags in premium vegan leather . These bags have compartments large enough to fit your laptop and other important stuff. These bags come in 2 sizes and multiple different colours.

Amara Quilted Tote from The Gusto

Amara from The Gusto is a classy tote bag with utilitarian surprises. Hand-made from signature premium vegan leather, the bag is available in 3 classy colors and carries a unique quilted look.

Reversy Tote from The House of Ganges

Reversy Totes from The House of Ganges are unique lightweight carryall made with innovative reversible faux leather. These are available in 3 different sizes and multiple colours.

Canvas Tote Bags from Ecoright

Canvas Tote Bags from Ecoright is just the dose of fashion and consciousness you need. Made with cotton, these tote bags for women are super spacious. These have a zipper closure and an inner pocket to store your keys, phone, earphones etc. These are perfect as travel handbags for women, work totes, or a purse! Never leave home without it!

Colossal Slick Tote Bags from IMARS Fashion

Colossal Slick Tote bags for women from IMARS Fashion are lightweight and structured. These Tote Bags Combines Elegance With Ease. The Formal Office Going Totes have multiple pockets and Offers Versatility. An Additional Adjustable Sling Belt Offers Comfort To Carry As A Shoulder Bag.

Zippy Tote Bags from The House of Ganges

Zippy Tote Bags from The House of Ganges are non reversible lightweight carryall Tote Bags. They carry all the goodness of the Reversy range with an added zip to secure your belongings in the bag. These bags too come in 3 different sizes and multiple colour options to choose from.

Hope you found the Tote bag which suits your personality and fulfills your requirement. Also, let us know how you find these unique pieces.

Moreover, you can visit and explore a wide range of Tote Bags that we have on our website. Be happy, be safe.