A man's wallet is an important accessory. It not only holds his money and cards, but it also reflects his personality. There are many different wallets available in India, but which one is the best for you? The Classic Wallet The classic wallet is the most common type of wallet. It is made out of leather or fabric and has a few pockets for holding cards and cash. It is the most popular

With many offices opening up due to rise in vaccination and hope for things getting better, Caelum has curated list of bags which can accompany you to work in style. We look at different criteria when we buy a work bag, its usage, style, comfort, color, size, material, price and so on. To make it easy, here you can find a wide range of bags for different utility, style and choice.   ENVELOPE

Functional and fashionable, there’s just no denying the power of a great bag. From cross body bags that make traveling easy, to croc-embossed bucket bags, the dominating trends and shapes to choose from are endless. We can never get enough of them, neither can we have too many of them! Do not listen to anyone who says otherwise. You should probably know about the different types of women’s bags so that you can

A wallet is undoubtedly a personal thing. It not just literally holds your identity but also speaks volumes about you as a person. So, when it’s time to buy men’s wallets online, it is important to know what to look for. Men's wallets can be bought keeping different functionality in mind.  Finding one that both fits your personal aesthetic and holds everything you need can be a challenge, but it doesn’t have to

The way we work today is changing. While there is an uptrend in co-working spaces, virtual offices and business travels, there is a decrease in the number of employees tied to a desk. A laptop, a good internet connection and an essential carrier – the laptop bag is all we want. We can work on the go and in different locations with help of laptop bags. With how expensive laptops are, and how

EcoRight, a brand with ambition to save our planet from the abuse of plastic. Caelum is bringing to you this sustainable brand which includes eco-friendly sling bags, totes, backpacks that are stylish. With a mission to educate people about the ill effects of plastic and provide them with sustainable , natural alternatives. Most importantly, EcoRight supports a waste-free lifestyle and slow-fashion by offering products that last a lifetime. Change isn't impactful

Are you in search of cruelty-free handbags that will not give you that guilt feeling? At the House of Ganges, the brand introduces a fresh take on cruelty-conscious consumption. A fashion brand from Kolkata, India with an experimental and thought-provoking approach to design. While, THOG is sourcing the finest materials from the globe, it is also working directly with skilled Indian artisans to carefully craft each collection. Introducing, luxury and premium quality

Fashion requires never falling prey to conformity. Unconventional choices and creative expression of comfort leads to sense of style. We challenge the conventional in terms of designs. Our "not so usual" picks will always make you stand out in the crowd. These bags have been crafted with careful consideration to design, craft and usability. Usual may go out of fashion, these will never. Browse through our most unique collection of clutches and hobos.. Simple yet